A Complete Guide to FiltraMax Water Filter

If you are looking for the ultimate solution for purified, safe, high-quality water, Filtramax water filters offer you the ideal solution.

Being considered as one of the leading filtration specialists, Filtramax is the name that millions trust.

Naturally, having Filtramax water filters would mean that you get to enjoy the taste of water as it should be.

At the same time, getting such filters installed would also mean that you can chuck your worries about being affected by water-borne diseases just because the water in your area is contaminated with pollutants and invisible elements like bacteria, viruses etc.

Technology Used by Filtramax Water Filters

The water needs of your entire home can be met by a Filtramax water filter.

This filter comes equipped with the HYgene Bacteriostatic Filter Media, which uses the same technology that the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters employ.

Filtramax water filters have silver impregnated activated carbon that purifies your water while restraining bacterial growth in the filter media bed.

All models of Filtramax water filters are backed by the company’s expertise of serving commercial, residential and industrial water treatment facilities for more than 60 years with its innovative, world-class products.

Features Found in Filtramax Water Filters

Filtramax water filters feature a robust, high-quality stainless steel body, along with a lead-free brass control valve and 24-volt motor, all of which ensure the availability of clean, purified water.

These filters employ a second back flush procedure to rinse salt residue and ensure a cleaner filter media bed.

This way, it also guarantees that the water you get is of supreme quality.

Constructed from materials that are FDA-compliant and meeting performance standards as per NSF/ANSI Standards with respect to reduction of contaminants, Filtramax water filters offer peace of mind as you will know you are using certified, tested water filters to meet your family’s water needs.

Filtramax water filters provide you with pure, safe, clean water without the use of potassium, salt or chemicals.

Thus, bringing home a Filtramax water filter would mean playing a significant role in protecting the environment by reducing your carbon footprints.

What’s more, you can bid adieu to expensive bottled water that add to environmental woes with their plastic bottles and start enjoying clean water from your faucet instead, as and when you wish to.

The design of these filters is such that they reduce your operating costs while extending the operating life of the device.

This way, they deliver high-quality water in a cost-effective manner.

If you don’t have a water filter in your home and worry about ingesting contaminants that come out of your faucet every time you turn it on to drink water from it directly, it’s time to bring home a Filtramax water filter.

Once you start using it and experience for yourself how easy and economical it is to get access to clean, purified and safe water, you may soon start wondering how you managed without this device for all these years.

So, why wait any longer and compromise with your health?

Buy a Filtramax water filter today!