Benefits of Umbrella Stands Outdoor

Patio umbrellas, while enhancing the décor of your patio or business front, need to stand erect too, even when the weather conditions are harsh and adverse.

There are overwhelming choices of umbrella stands outdoor that can serve the purpose of holding the umbrellas steady, match the color and finish of the outdoor umbrellas, and add value to the décor of the surroundings.

Benefits of Outdoor Umbrella Stands

1/ Sturdy Support

Umbrella stands outdoor can provide a sturdy support to your patio umbrella against all weather conditions.

Whether your outdoor umbrella is big or small, it has to stand erect to offer complete protection to the people sitting under the canopy, despite bad weather conditions – be it a harsh sun, strong winds, or incessant rains.

At the same time, they need to look good too, adding to the aesthetic quotient of your outdoor space.

The stand or base with appropriate size, which is proportionate to the weight of the umbrella, can hold your patio umbrella steady and straight for a longer period.

2/ Aesthetically Pleasing

Patio umbrellas form the centerpiece of attraction of your patio décor and hence choosing the best umbrella stands outdoor, which matches and supports your outdoor umbrella, may often prove to be a tough task.

Still, with some effort on your part, it shouldn’t be too tough to find an aesthetically pleasing one that adds great value to the existing décor.

3/ Provide Support in All Weather Conditions

Since most umbrella stands outdoor are made of cast iron, bronze, or cast stone – coated with rust-free materials, the bases can offer solid support to the umbrellas for several years to come.

4/ Prevents Twisting of Poles

Strong umbrella stands with ridged thumbscrew towards the top help to hold the umbrella units steady without causing twists in the poles.

The screw also prevents the umbrella pole from rotating during strong winds.

The screw must be checked and tightened periodically for preventive maintenance.

5/ Different Models of Stands for Different Types of Patio Umbrellas

Umbrella stands outdoor are offered in various types, based on the type of patio umbrella.

Most of the offset umbrellas are made available with stand or base.

Freestanding umbrellas might come with an ornate base whereas a table umbrella might require a simpler stand.

There are various types of benefits in using umbrella stands outdoor.

However, all these benefits can be enjoyed only when you pick the right size of base for your patio umbrella.

You must consider the width of the umbrella shade, the make, the weight and design of the center pole, the weather conditions it has to withstand and the place where you wish to put it up to make an informed and wise decision.

Remember – all these are major aspects that determine the sturdiness and durability of the umbrella.

So, keep all these factors in mind while buying umbrella stands outdoor, which would add value to your space and provide your guests with adequate shade and protection against the natural elements.