3 Key Features Of Folding Beach Chair With Umbrella Attached

Relaxing on a beach would be no fun when the sun beats down on you relentlessly and you desperately need a shade.

That’s where a folding beach chair with umbrella attached would help.

You can easily carry this along, irrespective of the spot on the beach that you have chosen to enjoy the sun and the sand.

Beach chairs were primarily meant for sitting on and relaxing on the beach.

However, with time and the advancement of technology, manufactures modified traditional beach chairs and made them a multipurpose one.

As a result, some chairs these days can be converted to flat or lounge chairs within a few minutes, while some others act as double beach chairs where two people can easily sit side by side.

Then there are the beach chairs with umbrella attached, which you can use to rest under a shade when the temperature rises and sunbathing becomes a difficult proposition.

In case you are looking for a quality beach chair with umbrella attached, knowing some of its key features would help you to buy the right one.

Here are three of its key features:

1/ Flexibility

Thanks to the folding feature, these beach chairs can be easily folded and hauled to any spot on the beach where you desire to sit and soak in the sights and sounds.

Unlike bulky beach chairs that often need two people to carry them from one spot to another, a foldable beach chair with umbrella attached to it is easily movable, thus allowing users tremendous flexibility to transport and set them up wherever they may like to.

2/ Adequate shade

When fully constructed, these umbrellas look like shades that are generally used to keep the rain or sun off a doorway or window.

Thus, when you have a foldable beach chair with umbrella attached to it, you can enjoy the shade, sip on your favorite beverage and enjoy the sights without worrying about getting sunburns.

3/ Protection against harmful UV rays

Some manufactures these days are using certain UV protectant materials in the umbrellas.

Even when they aren’t, they make sure to provide you with adequate shade and protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun by using umbrellas that offer a sun protection factor of 30 or more.

It’s important to remember here that sun protection factors ranging from 2 to 11 give minimum amount of protection, whereas protection factors starting from 30 and upwards give a high level of protection.

Thus, it’s another reason to say “yes” to foldable beach chair with umbrella attached to it.

With a variety of beach chair with umbrella attached to them available in the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the different features, functionalities and designs.

Though such chairs usually come with factory fitted umbrellas, you should always check the features apart from the warranty period and the materials used, before buying one.

You should also check the accessories provided with the chair like cup holder, storage pockets, bottle openers etc.

So, go ahead and buy a folding beach chair with umbrella attached to it to make your beach sojourn more memorable and enjoyable.