Are Consumer Reviews Good Or Bad For Your Business?

Consumer reviews – irrespective of whether they are good or bad – influence your product sales and business growth significantly. With the entire world revolving around the Internet these days, where almost every individual has access to loads of data available on the World Wide Web, an increased number of consumers browse through service/product reviews before making a decision to buy. Being a business owner, you must be aware of how consumer reviews form one of the key strategies of digital marketing and SEO. Perhaps you are now wondering whether consumer reviews are good or bad for your business. Let’s take a look at some aspects before answering this question.

The Good Side of Consumer Reviews

  • Consumer reviews can create a strong online presence for your business. Customer feedback is a very important data, which helps you to analyze and understand how to improve your service or product. It also helps you to resolve any defect or issues related to your product and make amendments to retain your existing clientele while wooing the newer ones.
  • Positive consumer reviews can greatly contribute to bringing new customers to your business. It is more like the word-of-mouth practice, which is the most effective tool for any product or service. So, if you make sure there are enough positive reviews of your customers who have used your products/services, you can expect to grab eyeballs and attention of potential customers somewhat easily.
  • Reviews are literally free advertising of, or content related to your business, placed across various websites and social media platforms. This drives more visitors to your website, thus giving a boost to your web traffic.
  • Since search engines place high priority to the number of reviews from genuine websites, if your business has adequate and honest consumer reviews on popular websites, the SEO ranking of your website will improve greatly.
  • Since reviews have contrary views, new consumers clearly understand the pros and cons of your products and thus are able to choose your business with complete trust.

The Negative Aspect of Consumer Reviews

  • Negative consumer reviews contribute to your business in their own ways, albeit in an adverse manner. More than 68% of consumers trust consumer reviews to buy new products, out of which 30% don’t believe in fabricated and fully positive reviews. Thus, even negative reviews could work out to your business advantage if they point out minor glitches or issues that you’ve already fixed.
  • Since you do not have any control over negative reviews that appear on third party sites, they could create a potential danger and may even damage your brand value.

While it is hard to determine whether consumer reviews do good or bad to your business, you must be aware of what’s happening on various social media platforms and other third party websites, especially with regard to reviews of your products/services. Therefore, make use of the reviews to build a relationship with your customers and make improvements/changes to fix whatever is wrong or isn’t working, as this is what would build credibility. It’s also advisable to create feedback forms or customer forums on your website for your customers to speak their heart out before they rant on public forums and third party websites.

Above all, provide an interactive channel of customer service such as online chat for customers to reach out to you and speak out instead of leaving bad comments through consumer reviews.