Some Of The Best Camping Chair Reviews

Camping chairs are available in various styles to suit different tastes and preferences of the campers. While some people prefer to park the trailers in some parking lot and need small, lightweight camping chairs to sit every now and then, some others may like to camp in the wilderness and look for chairs that are sturdy, can weather the natural elements and offer a comfortable seat for long periods. Irrespective of the nature of camping, a common thread joins every camper – everyone loves to relax on a comfortable camping chair and enjoy the ambiance. As a result, camping chairs have become an invariable part of camping and the market is flooded with a wide variety, from heavy and lightweight to standard, luxurious and even more. Thus, it can often become an uphill task to take your pick from such diverse variety of products.

Here, we bring you two of the best camping chair reviews to help make an informed decision:

Front Runner Expandable Chair

With an overall weight of 4.1 kg, this chair can support a person weighing 113 kg. Its structure is made of rugged steel. This lightweight and comfortable chair comes equipped with one utility pocket for keeping magazines and maps, a small storage pocket and one cup holder. A telescopic design and packing size of 41 x 44cm have made this chair extremely easy to transport and store.

Oztrail Moon Chair

With a sturdy frame made of high-tensile steel, this chair can carry up to a maximum weight of 120 kg. The padded, roomy and 600 Denier fabric made backrest is to remind you more of a sofa for sure. This comfortable, moon-shaped chair, along with a normal cup holder and wine glass holder, has been rated among the best camping chairs.

Natural Instincts Oversize Deluxe Heavy Duty Chair

This hardy, comfortable dark colored chair can bear a maximum weight of 150 kg. The structure is made of strong and long-lasting fabric to ensure optimum durability. One cup holder is provided to let users enjoy their favorite drinks while relaxing on the padded seat. This 4 kg chair features an arm storage pocket as well.

Kaufmann Outdoor Layback Chair

This 5.9 kg chair is made of powder-covered steel frame and dark colored fabric. It’s exceptionally comfortable and can support up to a weight of 140 kg. Along with adaptable armrests, it also provides one arm storage pocket and an insulated cup holder. No wonder that this chair features on the list of the best camping chair across various categories.

Camp Master Classic 200 Oversize Chair

This is ideal for new campers with a tight budget and can bear up to a weight of 110 kg. The overall weight of this chair is just 3 kg and its structure consists of PVC-coated fabric. This chair’s additional advantages include one side pocket and one stable cup holder with fabric sides.

Tentco Big Boy Chair

This amazingly lightweight yet hardy chair can carry a load of up to 150 kg. The structure consists of thick and hardy steel frame with strong polyester material and a broad seat area that provides little more than an average level of comfort. With well ventilated mesh backrest and two fabric-enclosed cup holders, this chair lets you enjoy the outdoors to the optimum.

Now that you know about some of the best camping chair reviews, bring one home today and start planning for your next camping trip right away.