Top Five Best Whitening Strips In 2017

Teeth discoloring is a chronic problem many find it difficult to solve when you are a regular smoker. Smoking is the leading cause of the problem. In most cases whitening the teeth can be expensive affair depending on your economic status and your area if residence. Have you been looking for the whitening products in the market in vain? Finding the best whitening strips sometimes may be tedious but here we have them for you.

What are the top five best whitening strips?

There are a lot of whitening brands in the market all purporting to be the best. Below is the list of top five according to the products market rating by consumers that can give you quality service if you give them a try.

5. White360 – Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips

The White360 is a brand that is receiving a good response in the market following its ability to whiten your teeth with an impression even after the first use.

Pros: Many customers have given the product excellent rating due to its fast whitening feature that starts working immediately you use it on your teeth.

Cons: There is a small section of customers who feel that the strips make them feel uncomfortable while using them.

4. Sparkling white – Professional strength

The product is gaining popularity among the consumers due to its efficient functioning and above all the fair pricing making it outstand other competitor brands in the market.

Pros: The Sparking white strips are very easy to use and have an enamel-safe elements that are making the product to impress the consumers across the world. The product once you buy it there is shade guide to help you in its usage.

Cons: The downside of the product is that sometimes the whitening gel sometimes separate from the strip which makes the strips unstable.

3. Lumist – Advanced

The Lumist strips are one of the dominant whitening products in the market today offering long-term results for the users.

Pros: The products can work well for you if your teeth are sensitive and on the other hand the Lumist works so fast once you start using it.

Cons: The Lumist short strips you can only use them on your canine and the product is relatively expensive compared to other whitening products.

2. Crest – 3D Professional Effects

The high rating of the product by the customers is a clear indicator that it gives value for your money and is a brand you can trust to work for you correctly. Although the Crest is much affordable the whitening service it provides is far way more than the price.

Pros: Is a top product basing on it’s due to its power to remove tough stains that may be years old in your teeth within a short time.

Cons: Some consumers have been complaining of the increase of sensitivity in their teeth once they start using the strips though may go away with time.

1. AuraGlow – LED Light 35% Carbamide Peroxide

Currently, the AuraGlow stands on top of the market due to its effectiveness and power in teeth whitening hence receiving high ratings in the market. The strips are of good quality and work so well for the people with sensitive teeth.

Pros: The strips are very comfortable when using due to their quality and stay intact once you apply them so you don’t have to be careful thinking they might fall.

Cons: Many find it hard to remove the strips after the whitening session.

The above products, for now, lead the market as the best five whitening strips in the market, and you can trust them, though it’s advisable you first consult your dentist before buying the products.